Quality Service at an Afordable Price!

Hello! I’m Brent and I’m the owner /operator of ARVS – Affordable RV Solutions.

I have been in the RV/Motorhome/Bus industry for 30+ years. I started out as a Navy SeeBee Construction Electrition. After serving our country for 8 years, I joined Marathon Coach and worked my way up through the ranks to VP of Customer Service. I traveled the world repairing coaches until I finally thought I could no longer do it. Boy was I wrong. After a short stint at RV Family Adventure in Corona I knew I was still hooked. Then I was hired by Giant RV as a Corporate Technician Trainer. I really enjoyed that job, but they realized that as much as they wanted to keep me on board, it was cheaper to have me wrench shop rate. I once again left the business and travelled the west coast by bicycle on a very self introspective journey and learned a lot about myself and other people. In 2010, I landed in San Diego and with the help of my friend, Alana, I started ARVS – Affordable RV Solutions. Together, the two of us make a great team & most of all we just want to share our knowledge with those who need it the most.