Shall we try a new website once again?

As most of you know, this is Alana on this end. I do help Brent with most of the financial stuff, website and marketing – when I can. Since COVID-19 happened; we have really slowed down and could not see paying what we were for our website. So, here we are, once again having me try to remember how to write code. Thankfully it gets easier each time. I think more neurons are trying to fire too. But, no I have not had COVID-19 and neither has Brent, but I have been ill for the past 2 weeks with some stomach issue. Basically I’ve been sleeping 20+ hrs./day. Must have something to do with the stroke & CPS, too. Been feeling a bit better the last 2 days and that is why we now have a new website. In the next few weeks I hope to get some articles & videos back up here in the blog section for reference for everyone. I may also try a Q&A area this time. Anyway, thanks for joining us again. We really do appreciate our many, many, many repeat customers over the past 10 years.